Author's Notes

This story is based on certain actual events. The certificates exist. To our personal knowledge, holders attempted to sell their certificates in the late 1980's and early 1990's. It was as a result of our involvement in these attempts that the idea of writing this story was born. Where fact ends and fiction begins we hope will be part of the fun, although the extent of what is factual may surprise you. Let us nevertheless give the obligatory assertion that all the characters portrayed in Old Men's War are solely products of our imagination and that any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Grammar Note

Just like real people, the characters in this story speak more or less grammatically. Not having had the benefit of a professional editor, the text may well contain grammatical mistakes, on which we would welcome notification via email. If the mistakes occur between quotation marks, however, please realize that these errors were probably intentional.

PC Note

Not personal computer, but politically correct. As in their use of grammar, people are not always as politically correct as some might wish. This is certainly the case with our characters. Please realize that opinions expressed by the characters are not necessarily the author's and are not intended to form the basis of discussion. Other comments are welcome and may be entered in the guestbook or sent via email.

Japanese Note

Despite our sincere efforts, we know that, as foreigners, it is difficult to fully grasp another culture. For the times we got it wrong, our apologies. Any input which would improve the accuracy of Old Men's War would be welcome.

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