When Takashi Doi, the Japanese consul in New York, is brutally murdered, his friend, Ichiro Kamatsu, is worried about more than Doi's terrible death. Head of Taiyo Bank's New York branch, Kamatsu gives his niece, Michiko Fujitani, who also works at the bank, an envelope which she is to open only if he should die unexpectedly. Two weeks later, Kamatsu is himself stabbed to death.

At the same time, in Washington, it's an election year. Running against incumbent President Jack Sargent is Joe Reynolds, a demagogue who blames many of America's economic ills on the Japanese. The President asks Mike Berk, head of CIA Intelligence, to let him know about anythng which could create problems on his upcoming trip to Japan. Meanwhile, back at Langley, Brian Boyle, head of the Japanese intelligence unit, receives a visit from his friend Alex Lowry, an undercover field officer in Tokyo.

Back in New York, Logan Ewing, an investment banker at Grey, Alcott, gets a call from Hasan Hussain, who wants the firm to find a buyer for a strange Japanese government bond. Irritated by Hussain, Logan puts him off.

At the Kamatsu's, Detective Mike Cavallo brings the news that Ichiro's body has been found. It is not until the next day that Michiko remembers her uncle's envelope and rushes to the bank to get it from the vault where she has hidden it. Inside she finds the obituaries of a dozen Japanese men and three strange government bond certificates worth almost two billion dollars. She also finds a letter instructing her to give the contents to Minoru Itoh, CEO of Kanto Camera and an old friend of Kamatsu's.

Michiko is interrupted by her uncle's deputy, Hideo Nakanishi, who tries to take the bonds. Using tears and threats, Michiko forces him to retreat. She decides it will be safer to keep her uncle's package at her apartment.

Back at her place, Michiko tells her American boyfriend, Danny Di Rocco, that she is returning with her aunt to Tokyo in a few days. She impulsively shows him the bonds. Danny says he has a friend who may know what they are. They make a copy of a certificate for Danny to give him.

In Langley, Alex finds his friend Brian studying reports of the murders of Doi and Kamatsu. Brian wonders whether the deaths could be connected and, if so, what they could mean. As he is going to New York anyway, Alex promises to look into them while he's in the city.

When Logan and Hussain finally meet, Logan finds the man as annoying in person as he did on the phone. Hussain tells Logan that he wants Grey, Alcott to arrange the sale of a security owned by Kenji Ogata, a Japanese real estate developer. Grey, Alcott would receive a commission of several million dollars if they could arrange the transaction. Despite the size of the fee, Logan has a lot of questions he wants answered before he'll commit to anything.

Meanwhile, returning from a last shopping spree together, Michiko and her friend Lori Lublin suprise an intruder searching Michiko's apartment. The vandal escapes and nothing appears to have been stolen.

The evening before her departure for Tokyo, Michiko sees Danny for a final farewell. Danny says that his friend hasn't yet been able to identify the security and that he'll call Michiko in Tokyo. However, waiting for a subway, Danny is attacked by the assassin. The stabbing is turned over to Detective Cavallo to investigate.

At Grey, Alcott, Logan explains to his friend, Guillermo "Bill" Arroyo, about the bond and the need to have it authenticated before any buyer can be approached. When Logan suggests that Ogata or his assistant, Hirofumi Andoh, should help, Hussain becomes irate.

At the same time, Alex goes to see Mike Cavallo about the murders and learns that Danny, another Taiyo Bank employee, has also been killed. While Alex is there, Danny's friend, Tony Aiello comes in and shows the detective the copy of the certificate Danny had given him. Alex agrees to translate the certificate for Cavallo in exchange for being included in the investigation. Mike reluctantly agrees.

Mike and Alex go to Taiyo Bank and question Hideo Nakanishi about the certificate. Hideo takes them to see Steve Gross, who reveals that Michiko and Danny worked together. They decide to find out more from Michiko's friend, Lori Lublin, who reluctantly admits that Michiko and Danny were lovers. Alex promises Mike that he'll have Langley check out the strange certificate. In return, the detective says he'll keep Alex posted on any new developments in the case.

In Tokyo, Koji Tatsumi, a CIA field officer working undercover, receives a copy of the certificate from Langley. Koji asks one of his agents, Tadashi Watanabe, if he can find out what it is.

Meanwhile, Michiko and her aunt have returned to Tokyo. Her old boyfriend, Tomao calls and asks if he can see her, but Michiko puts him off. She makes an appointment to deliver her uncle's envelope to Minoru Itoh. As she is driving to Saitama to see him, Michiko barely escapes having her car forced off the road.

Itoh tells Michiko that she was probably a victim of Yakuza gangsters. Michiko gives him the envelope from her uncle. Itoh says that he does not know what the certificates are, but that he will try to find out. In the meantime, he suggests Michiko go to his cottage on the coast at Tottori with his wife, her aunt and their hostess, Mrs. Matsumoto, where she should be safer.

At Tottori, however, intruders enter the house and Michiko barely avoids being killed. At the same time, Koji's agent, Watanabe, has been fired for even asking about the certificate. When Koji leaves the distraught man, he himself is followed by a Yakuza, but manages to elude him. Later, Watanabe is pushed to his death in front of a subway train.

In Langley, Brian and Alex report their concerns about the deaths of the old men and their possible link to a strange security to their superiors. Alex is told he should follow up when he returns to Tokyo.

In New York, Bill reports that he has found a buyer for Hussain's certificate. His uncle is President of Monteverde, a small Latin American country which owes money to the Japanese and would swap the certificate for a reduction in its debt. Logan and Bill decide the deal should be negotiated with the Finance Minister whose seal is on the certificate. This is Yasuo Kameda, who later became Prime Minister before being forced to resign for taking bribes. They engage former Senator Tyrone "Mac" MacPherson to approach Kameda.

Alex has returned to Tokyo. Logan and Bill have also flown in and are awaiting the arrivals of Hasan and MacPherson. They go out to dinner with Kim Bradley, the beautiful head of Memphis Modeling's Tokyo agency. Although Kim is cool and impersonal, Logan is attracted enough to her that he calls and asks her out to lunch. During the meal, he learns that Kim became a manager for Memphis Modeling after she was in a disfiguring automobile accident.

Mac has his meeting with Kameda, who denies having ever seen the certificate. Mac, however, senses that Kameda is terrified and is lying. Mac tells Logan, Bill and Hasan that he needs more evidence before he can confront Kameda again; they must have the seal on the certificate verified. Mac also compliments Sonia Goldberg, the woman who has served as his interpreter. After Mac departs, Bill tells Logan that Sonia is an agent of the Mosad, the Israeli intelligence agency, and is working in the Monteverde embassy with his uncle's consent.

Back in New York, Brian Boyle and NYPD Detectives Cavallo and Jaime Rodriguez are following Hideo Nakanishi, when the banker is attacked by the assassin. Hideo is critically wounded and the killer is shot in the knee when he tries to escape. At the hospital, Brian and the detectives discover the hit man is a yakuza gangster named Jiro Ichikawa.

In Tokyo, Logan finds an article in the Trib stating that the certificates are counterfeit and that the Japanese authorities have notified the SEC and FBI, as well as Interpol, to be alert for criminals trying to redeem the fake paper. Hasan has found a similar article in the Nikkei Kenzai. Logan thinks this may be Kameda trying to scare them and sends Bill and Hasan off to try to authenticate the security.

In New York, Brian has also seen the articles and calls Alex, who suggests that if the securities were counterfeit, it might explain the murders. Brian is doubtful and tells Alex about the Hirohito coin scandal, when the Japanese Treasury claimed that gold coins it had issued were fake to avoid having to redeem them. Brian concludes the government may also being claiming the certificates are fake for the same reason.

Logan receives a call from Andoh, wondering why Hasan never arrived for an appointment. Logan becomes worried and notifies the authorities, who search for the missing man. In fact, Hasan has been kidnapped by Yakuza gangsters, who brutally demand the whereabouts of the certificate. During the course of the violent questioning, Hasan is killed. When Yukio Ueda, the vicious head of the Naganori-gumi yakuza, learns that his men have killed Hasan, he is furious. To atone for their mistake, Iwata, Ueda's lieutenant, and his men commit yubitsume, a ritual cutting off of finger joint.

In Saitama, Itoh shares with Michiko what he has learned so far, that the dead old men were all former members of a group called the Kanto Democratic Association and that their deaths could have been deliberate. One of the only members still surviving, Kenji Ogata, recently suffered a severe stroke. Itoh has an appointment to see Ogata and tells Michiko to be patient.

Meanwhile, Brian, Cavallo and Rodriguez visit the sleazy hotel where the assassin, Ichikawa, was staying to search for evidence. They also question Nakanishi about the certificate. The wounded banker reluctantly reveals that he was ordered by someone in Tokyo to search Kamatsu's papers for any copies and that he had, in fact, found Michiko with the securities, which he reported.

Logan's search for Hasan ends with his identifying his colleague's battered body. He is enraged that the police are reluctant to acknowledge that Hasan was murdered and shares his outrage with Kim and Bill. Later Logan calls Andoh, who is shocked. He agrees to meet with Logan and Bill the next morning to decide what to do.

On the way to the meeting with Andoh, Yakuza hijack the taxi in which Logan and Bill are riding. Logan manages to escape, but Bill is taken away. Frantic, Logan calls Kim, who takes him to her apartment. Logan calls Sonia and tells her that Bill has been kidnapped. Logan also calls Andoh and tells him that he should leave Tokyo, as he may also be in danger. Because it would be too dangerous for Logan to return to the hotel, Kim goes to get Logan's briefcase and some clothes. While she is in his room, she is interrupted by two Yakuza. She manages to escape through Bill's adjoining room without being discovered.

Bill is being held prisoner by Iwata and his men, the Naganori-gumi Yakuza. Sonia calls Logan to say the Monteverde embassy has received a ransom note for Bill. Included with the note is a box which holds a piece of Bill's pinkie finger. General Castilla, the President of Monteverde, calls President Sargent and asks for US help in rescuing his nephew. The CIA's Mike Berk decides that Alex and Koji should be put on the case.

Alex and Koji meet and are briefed on the kidnapping. It is decided that Koji will try to discover which Yakuza group is holding Bill, while Alex attempts to locate Logan. Reviewing the files on the bankers sent from Langley, Alex decides that Logan and Bill are just two yuppies caught in a drug deal that went wrong. When Koji obtains the records of Logan's calls from the Imperial, they find several made to Memphis Modeling.

Alex meets with Kim, who is extremely cold and denies having any contact with Logan since the night Hasan's body was identified. Alex is repelled and offended by Kim's attitude, while she is suspicious about Alex's motives for asking about Logan. Kim tells Logan about Lowry's visit and suggests she arrange a meeting in a place where Logan can make sure it's safe before he reveals himself. For extra caution, she will disguise his appearance.

Kim sets up the meeting at Mama-san's, a gay bar, and outfits Logan appropriately. Logan observes Alex arrive alone and his discomfiture. He sends Alex a note saying to meet him in the bar of a nearby hotel. When Alex arrives and recognizes Logan from Mama-san's, he is furious. He accuses Logan of having abandoned Bill when a drug score went bad. Logan becomes equally enraged.

After an ugly confrontation, Logan and Alex discover that they are both seeking information about the same mysterious security. They decide to join forces, Alex still with reluctance, and to go together to see Ogata the following day.

Koji is driving Alex and Logan to Ogata's in Kawagoe when they are attacked by Yakuza. Logan and Alex fire back with guns provided by Koji. When Logan hits the driver, the gansters' car crashes and explodes in flames. Although Koji's scalp is bleeding where a bullet glazed it and his car needs repair, the men continue to Kawagoe, where Andoh is waiting. When he he finally meets the old man, Logan is shocked at Ogata's condition. Ogata gives them a second certificate to authenticate.

As Andoh drives the three men back to Tokyo, Alex and Koji figure out that the Yakuza must have tracked Logan to Kim's and followed them from there. When they call Kim's apartment, there is no answer. Frantic with worry, Logan and the others race back to the city. They find that Kim's apartment has been ransacked. There is no sign of Kim.

Ichikawa, the assassin, also returns to Tokyo, under arrest. A Naganori-gumi lawyer quickly arranges his release and Ichikawa returns to Naganori headquarters. Waiting for him there is Nishiro, who kills Ichikawa on orders from Ueda.

Alex and Koji, with Logan and Andoh in tow, go to see Yagami, the head of the Tokugawa-kai Yakuza. Yagami tells them his men believe that Bill is being held in a brothel next to the Naganori-gumi headquarters. Yagami sends two of his men to take them to a noodle shop which belongs to the uncle of one of his men and is across the street from the brothel. The rescue party is spied by a Naganori lookout and a fight ensues. Although Logan, Alex et al. manage to win, the Naganori become alarmed and move Bill and Kim to another location. Logan is distraught that they came so close to rescuing his friends and failed. He decides to let Koji and Yagami work on finding Kim and Bill while he and Alex visit Itoh and learn if he knows the reason behind the murders and kidnappings.

At Itoh's, Alex, Logan and Koji share what they know about the certificates with Itoh, who in turn tells them about the Kanto Democratic Association. They also meet Michiko, who is distraught to learn about Danny's death.

Later, Michiko decides she cannot remain in hiding any longer and goes into Tokyo. She tells Alex and Logan that if she shows herself to the Naganori, they may kidnap her as well and take her to where they are holding Kim and Bill. The Americans can follow her and rescue all of them at once. Alex reluctantly agrees and Koji outfits Michiko with microphones and homing devices. The plan works and the Naganori lead Alex, Logan and Koji to Yokohama and the captives. While the Tokugawa-kai plan a rescue operation, Michiko talks to Kim and Iwata heads to Yokohama.

Koji, Logan, Alex and the Tokugawa-kai succeed in their assault of the Yokohama warehouse where Michiko, Kim and Bill are being held. Logan and Alex rescue Bill and Kim, only to find that Michiko has been taken away. In Tokyo, the Tokugawa-kai overwhelm the Naganori-gumi. In the fight, Eguchi and Nishiro are killed as the headquarters building burns.

While Koji leads Bill to safety, Alex and Logan, accompanied by Kim, go to find Michiko. Iwata appears, using Michiko as a shield. Logan starts forward and Iwata shoots. Alex pushes him aside and is hit in the shoulder. Before Iwata can fire again, he himself is shot--by Sonia, who has come to help with some Mosad colleagues. As Koji takes off to get Bill and Alex to a doctor, the warehouse starts to burn.

Ueda returns to Tokyo to find the Naganori headquarters aflame. He is abducted by Yagamai and his men and taken out on a boat into Tokyo harbor. Realizing he is goin to be thrown overboard, Ueda cries and begs for mercy. Embarassed for the oyabun, Yagami shoots Ueda before he realizes what is happening.

With the captives rescued and the wounded on the road to recovery, Itoh calls a meeting of everyone involed at the Imperial Hotel. He reveals that records of the Kanto Democratic Association show that the certificates were issued to its members in exchange for campaign contributions they had made to the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Years had passed and the LDP was no longer in power when Yasuo Kameda, the former Prime Minister and Minister of Finance whose seal was on the certificates, was approached by a member about redeeming his paper. Kameda, who was seeking re-election as part of an LDP return to power, panicked and called the Naganori-gumi oyabun Ueda. Kameda gave Ueda a list of the certificate holders with orders that they were all to be eliminated without arousing suspicion. As they were all old men, the task should not be difficult. Yagami plays everyone a tape which his men found at the Naganori headquarters with the conversation between Kameda and Ueda.

When Bill wants Kameda arrested and put on trial, Itoh disagrees, saying they do not have enough evidence. Instead, Itoh proposes that they turn the papers and tape over to Prime Minister Mizukami, who will use them to block the LDP's scheme. Everyone agrees.

Privately, Itoh talks to Logan, whom he asks about Grey Alcott's becoming Kanto's Camera's investment banker. Logan happily agrees. Itoh then talks to Alex, to whom he reveals that, when he was very young, he bribed a UAW official to give him details about union negotiations with the Detroit car makers. Itoh kept records of their meetings. The union official is Joe Reynolds, now running against President Jack Sargent on an isolationist, anti-Japanese platform. A shaken Alex promises to hand over Itoh's records to the White House.

Alex calls Michiko and asks her to have dinner with him. At the restaurant, Michiko tells him that Itoh has proposed that she become the manager for a Kanto office in Maryland, just outside of Washington. Alex, who will be in Langley for two months while his arm finishes healing, encourages her to take the job.

Kim hosts a farewell brunch for Logan and Bill. At the brunch, Logan announces that he will be returning to Tokyo to open a branch of Grey Alcott there. Koji reports that he is going into a business venture with Yagami to offer corporate security services, concentrating on industrial espionage. He asks Andoh if he would like to join him.

And so our story concludes...